The Dialogue

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May I set the topic today?” Here between the morning light and my first cup of coffee, the Spirit arrested me and gave me pause.

You know I love to hear your heart,” He continued. “Your highs and lows, your hopes and anxieties. But We have covered this particular ground already, haven’t we? We’ve talked about these fears extensively over the past several months. You’ve presented your apprehensions, and I have responded with My promises. I’ve heard you, We’ve discussed it, and I would like to move forward.”

He was right. In a flash, I saw an entire year of emotions wash before my eyes. Over these last handful of months, I’d experienced the most extensive shaking of my faith that I’d ever known. I’d run to Him hysterical, begging, crying, sobbing, whining, and found rest in His Words until I woke again. Like a pubescent child, my dread returned each morning, no matter the strength of resolve the night before.

Do you realize we spend more time discussing what the devil has said than what I have?”

His words startled me with truth as He continued.

Although I delight in hearing every angst on your heart, I’d like to focus on My Words for a change. Let’s stop talking about the words of fear and focus on My Words of hope.”

Ok,” I agreed, a little stunned. “What do You want to say?

Immediately, a well-loved verse crystallized clearly in my memory. “Don’t worry about anything,” He’d said, “instead pray about everything” (Philippians 4:6 NLT).

Worry and prayer are opposites, aren’t they?” I queried. “Like oil and water, they do not mix. I’m either expressing to You my anxiety or pouring out my prayerful praise.”

I felt the warmth of His smile. “That’s right. Anxiety is merely one of fear’s henchmen—both source from the dark spiritual ruler of wickedness. When you begin to feel worried, know that this is a flag that you are listening to the enemy. I welcome You coming to Me at this point. Yes! Please come. My motive will be to shift you from thinking about the opinions of darkness and into meditating upon the truth of light.

True prayer first turns her head to see Who she addresses,” He continued. “Begin your time by remembering My power, dominion, and might. Recall to mind what I have done for you in the past and allow thanksgiving to fan hope into flame.”

I stood dumbfounded by the simplicity of this power. Hearing Him speak had calmed my soul and lowered my blood pressure significantly within a few moments. I took a deep breath and then responded,

What do you want to talk about today?