The Descent of Refreshing

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The trickles on the melting mountaintop eventually gathered into a cascade that tumbled freely from the faces of granite. Downstream from its tumultuous descent, the crystal stream slid crisp and cold along the mossy rocks, always seeking lower ground. The ripple gurgled and bubbled, ever spilling lower as it had for centuries.

Living Water also flows downward, for the flow of God’s Spirit always goes lower. He is drawn insistently toward the pitiable and humble rather than the satisfied and secure. The cry of the brokenhearted captivates God’s heart more than the complacent shrug of the untroubled (Psalm 34:18). Times of distress and sorrow are His favorite time to “incline His ear” to us (Psalm 116:2-3). 

How little I have paid attention to this flow. I’ve assumed that His desire is for me to ascend higher, so I strive to haul attitudes and actions up to a spiritual level. My yoke becomes burdensome and my load heavy as I exhaust energy and resources to keep my man-made garden alive. No matter how tall my tower of Babel is, He must descend to meet me there (Genesis 11:5). Selah.


“Thank You, Father, for being the God who comes down. For Moses, You ‘descended in the cloud and stood there with him as he called upon’ Your Name (Exodus 34:5). For David, You ‘bowed the heavens also, and came down with thick darkness under (Your) feet’ (2 Samuel 22:10). And for us, You emptied Yourself to arrive in meekness and lowliness of heart (Philippians 2:7; Matthew 11:29). How can it be?

“Help me realize that when future fears crush me, deception betrays me, or angry words break me into pieces, I am actually in the best location to find You. When life knocks me down, that’s where I know You will be. Thank You for being near to the discouraged; and saving those who have lost all hope (Psalm 34:18 Good News Translation).

“Open up the heavens and descend into all life’s anxiety and trauma (Isaiah 64:1). Spill into the downcast lives around me, Lord, delivering them from fear and discouragement (Psalm 34:4). Come into our prisons, hospitals, halfway houses, and government-subsidized communities. Wash our land with the water of Your Word that together we might stand holy and blameless before You in all glory (Ephesians 5:26-27). 

“As we seek Your outpouring, remind us to call to You from a place of humility (Isaiah 55:6). Since every knee will bow one day, may we posture ourselves now with willing and ready worship (Psalm 95:6; Philippians 2:10). No matter how down we feel, when we fix our eyes on You, we find ourselves seated in heavenly places (Hebrews 12:2; Ephesians 2:6). Hallelujah! How glorious is the Divine Paradox. May I stop trying to swim upstream and be carried away in Your flow. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”