The Dawning of Truth

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My mother wore double-knit to my second-grade party. I’d never been embarrassed by the outfit until that day in Mrs. Crouch’s room. It was the mid-sixties and the other mothers had on go-go boots and fish-net hose.


I sat in the back of the room and took it all in. At least, my mother had on a wiglet. Yet, even that wasn’t quite the same. 


The wiglet did match my mom’s natural hair, but she had a slight greying at her temples, something none of the other moms had that day.


My mother was a woman of simplicity. She didn’t own a single pair of mod, hoop earrings. Her only jewelry was a tiny “mustard-seed necklace”, encapsulated within a plain glass ball. It reminded her how very little faith the Father actually required.


As she smiled in her introverted way and moved unnoticed to quietly wipe up the spills of some careless child, the other mothers shared loud, interesting stories about episodes of Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Mother glanced at me across the room at me and seeing that I was okay, she moved to comfort some crying child in the corner. 


I was ashamed at her domesticity and wanted to go home.


Years would pass before I realized the true jewel I had in my mother. What childhood concealed, adulthood revealed. She had the quiet and gentle spirit emulated in the Bible and to the best of her ability, she devoted her life to training up my sister and I in the way in which we should go. She gave us solid foundations that we continue to live on today. 


Last year, just blocks away from that second grade classroom, one of my former classmates confided, “I loved your mother. When I spent the night at your house, your mom always read to us before tucking us in. I think I spent the night with you in order to hang out with your mom. She was the kindest person I ever knew.”


As I look back, I realize that maybe everyone but me had known who she really was. 


Isn’t Truth often like that? Obvious to those from a distance and obscure to those living with it.


God’s Truth is always in agreement with final reality. No matter how you’ve been blinded or what mistakes you have made, Truth sets you free (John 8:32). His Truth isn’t just something that you buckle about your waist when you think about it. When you have Him, you also have the ability to see through His eyes. 


Truth always redeems your past. And I’m so very, very glad that He does. 


What limiting belief do you have about your past?

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