The Active Ingredient

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I was still a young woman when I volunteered to make sopapillas for the whole community. My inexperience didn’t know that cooking for a crowd was far different than making a home recipe. My immaturity didn’t think to modify the leavening I needed. So, in my ignorance, my grocery list included ten packets of yeast.

I’d made sopapillas before and figured it would be an easy way to help with the youth fund-raiser. Since these fried, puffed tortillas only contain six ingredients; my expenditure would remain low like our newlywed budget.

After doing the math, I got to the fellowship hall a few hours early for dough assembly. I kneaded the mixture in a punch bowl, as nothing else was big enough to hold five pounds of flour. Once my husband arrived, we began our fail-safe system. I rolled out and cut sopapillas while Mark kept two electric skillets busy, frying the dough till puffed and golden brown.

What I didn’t realize was how toasty that corner was. Not only was it unusually warm outside, the overhanging cabinets trapped the heat from the skillets. While I pinched off a piece of dough, rolled it out, and sliced it into a triangle, the dough in the punch bowl grew to its original size. After the second hour, we called in help to punch down the concoction and keep it inside the bowl. When we finished making 400 sopapillas that night, we had the same amount of dough that we had begun with three hours prior.

The Word of God is like that yeast, living and active within you. Over the years, packets of truth have been kneaded into your heart through multiple verses, dozens of Scriptures, and numerous sermons. One characteristic of His Word is that He constantly bears fruit and increases (Colossians 1:6). Today, make a step to uncover Word embedded in you and allow the Holy Rememberer to bring all back to mind (James 1:21; John 14:26).

Here’s how: Schedule a block of uninterrupted silence and prepare a blank page and a good writing utensil. Set aside at least 15 minutes. Begin with praise, thanking Him for His Word and activity. Spend a few moments focusing your thoughts on Him and His attributes.

Now with your blank page before you and your Bible closed, ask Him to bring verses or verse fragments to your mind. As He reminds you of His Word, write down what you can remember, leaving several blank lines between each verse or verse fragment. If you remember the Scripture reference, include it. If not, don’t worry about it; just continue to write as He brings to mind the Word you have already hidden in your heart.

It may take a few minutes to begin. If you are having difficulty, think of a Scripture song you once learned and start there. Times of silence may be expected. This is normal. The point is not how much you write but believing that His Word is already at work within you.

Continue writing as long as He brings His Word to your mind and stay within the parameter of His Word. You will be surprised at how active His Word has been within you. Indeed, “The kingdom of heaven is like leaven, which a woman took, and hid in three pecks of meal until it was all leavened” (Matthew 13:33).

Whether you ever make sopapillas or not, you already have a dynamic ingredient within your heart. Living and active, God’s Word will spread rapidly, given warmth and space (2 Thessalonians 3:1). And unlike my experience long ago, don’t try to keep it in the bowl. Allow His Word to grow mightily and spill His power into your surroundings (Acts 19:20). Our world needs Him.