Terrorists and Tyrants

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Dear Mentor,


It seems that the news from around the world continues to spiral downward. From reports of Middle Eastern atrocities, the Ukraine crisis, the Ebola virus and the abduction of schoolgirls in Nigeria, I am so sickened by it that I swing between intense anxiety and turning a blind eye. I feel so ineffective and guilty for my own safety. How am I to react as I sit in comfort so far away from these horrible incidents?


                                                Signed, Feeling Helpless




Dear Feeling Helpless,


Isaiah saw the same type of situations all around him: feet running to evil, hurrying to shed innocent blood – thoughts of devastation and destruction (Isaiah 59:7). Truth was in short supply and anyone who sought for it suddenly became the prey of darkness (Isaiah 59:15).


You, like Isaiah, hear about the atrocities and wonder where the help will come from. You’ve been taught that help is to always come from the Lord (Psalm 121:2), but in instances like these, you wonder if indeed He is watching.


Be encouraged with Isaiah’s words: “Now the Lord saw” (Isaiah 59:15).


We are relieved to know that He is indeed paying attention and that the incidents displease Him.


So why doesn’t He do something about it?


The next verse offers an eerie answer.


It seems that the Father sees more than just displeasing injustice. When He spots corruption, He fully expects to see one other entity standing right alongside this tyranny. This being goes hand-in-hand with all dishonesty, crime and monstrosities. In fact, our God who is never surprised is shocked to find this one missing.


“It was displeasing in His sight that there was no justice…and was astonished that there was no intercessor” (Isaiah 59:15-16).


Could it be that inhumanity continues because we aren’t interceding?


Where there is brutality, there should also be entreaty. Where there is wickedness, there should also be prayer.


The Father has already opened the storehouses of heaven upon these needs. He is just awaiting for us to pick up the delivery for those too weak to do so themselves (Matthew 18:18-19).


From now on, have the following Word-based prayers beside you as you watch or read the news. As we take His thoughts into our hearts, we can be His wireless network to send His signal of Light into the dark, hidden areas of the evil one. The more we intercede, the more we force back the darkness by His Light.


  • Expose the deeds of darkness to the Light (John 3:20-21).


  • Send Jesus to attack and overpower the strong man (Luke 11:21-22).


  • Strip evil of it’s armor, and distribute that armor back to those aimed for destruction (Luke 11:22).


  • Rescue the prey of the tyrant and let them know that God is on their side (Isaiah 49:25).


  • Disarm the evil rulers and authorities. Make a public display of them (Colossians 2:15).


  • Send God’s breath to wither the influence of evil (Isaiah 40:24).


I’m joining you in these prayers.


                                            Grace and peace, Your Mentor





What prayers has He laid on your heart?