Stumbling is a given, so please grab a hand.

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Challenges. Anger. Quick tongues. Partiality.


Ever had any of these in your family?


Well, we have. 


I often tried to blame these attitudes on my children, but found that I was just as guilty (and more so) than they. After all, if there mother was modeling the behavior to them, how could they act any differently?


For the next several weeks, we are going to be searching through the pages of James’ epistle for insights into mentoring. 


Some of you may apply the principles to a friend; some to your children; some to your boss or even husband as a way of leading upward. 


Regardless of who you connect to, I think that we will all find powerful lessons for relationships.


Come along with me as we tangle with our tongues, measure our motives, and prioritize our prayers. 


We may learn more about ourselves than those we are grapple with.