Spiritual Vision

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Did you know that you actually have two sets of eyes?


One set is located on your face. They take in information from the world around you. 


The other set is located deep within. These function without cornea, retina and nerve endings. 


Your inner eyes are spiritual, made to look at things which are not seen by physical vision. 


Elisha was adept at using his spiritual eyes. He saw his deliverance of fiery chariots and horses whereas his servant could not. 


Moses not only saw the burning bush which would not be consumed, but he also saw “Him who is unseen”. 


And Steven was able to see into the throne room of heaven itself. He saw Jesus standing (not sitting) at the right hand of God, reaching out to receive Stephen into His Kingdom. 


But what about us? 


How do we see with spiritual vision?


We have to stop looking at the situation around us. 


Remember our study of Mary, seated at the feet of Jesus?


She had taken her focus off the busyness and put them directly into His face.


We too must train our eyes to see into the heavenlies and pinpoint our gaze upon the One Who is invisible. 




Then why did Paul encourage the church into doing just that? 


“Keep seeking the things above, where Christ is…set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth.” (Colossians 3:1-2). 


Those churches were just as ordinary as we are. 





The list goes on. 


No, the churches in the New Testament were just like ours: full of regular people. 


People need to see past the visible and gaze at the One who is invisible. 


Father, help us to focus on the unseen and give You that which we can see. We need Your strength. We need Your vision.