Spiritual Gestation

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“It’s a girl!”


When my daughter, Hannah, called to say that our fourth grandchild was going to be female, we were all ecstatic. As proud as we are of our three adorable grandsons, there was something exciting about this one being a girl.


I suppose Hannah and Steve felt this way themselves as they began preparing the nursery. No more bugs or owls this time.


Rose and teal were splashed around the room. Pink cherry blossoms bloomed on the wall beside the filigree monogram.


Felicity’s little personality began inside of Hannah a full forty weeks before we met her. A cute little nose and long fingers had to fully develop before Felicity could come into this room prepared especially for her.


You could say that our granddaughter’s life clock began “nine” months before she passed through the birth canal into this broader life with us. 


Now, the last few days of awaiting Felicity’s birth seemed like long ones. In fact, “Pop” Mark had to return home before she was born. 


Yet, our spiritual gestation is much longer than Felicity’s physical one. 


We begin everlasting life at the point of our conception with Christ. Granted, our fulness isn’t realized until we pass through the death canal to live with Him forever, but the Life springs into existence within us long before.


These embryonic days of awaiting completion on this side of life may seem cramped and uncomfortable. 


We aren’t the only ones feeling this way, as “the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now”. 


Yet, while we wait, we can know that we are dwelling in the house of the Lord


Our spiritual life in Christ has already begun despite the fact that it seems we hear His voice muffled a bit. Just as a fetus learns to recognize her father’s voice despite the fluids, muscle and skin that separate the baby from his voice, we too must practice listening to our Father despite the current veil placed between us. 


Your heavenly Father is in charge of your spiritual growth. It doesn’t depend on you, but on Him.


It is His body that will accomplish what concerns you .


Be encouraged today. You are already dwelling in the house of the Lord. 


Extend your heart to Him in faith just like an unborn child stretches out her arms and legs. It’s the only thing that you can do for Him.