Speaking Truth – Doing Truth

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Tibetan Beggar Child

It must have been something in their eyes


Because it sure wasn’t their appearance. 


The Tibetan street children had never had a regular bath until Rebekah came along.


A social work major, Rebekah traveled to Lhasa just after her graduation from a U.S. university. Her friend had already moved to the Tibetan capital and Rebekah decided to join her for a couple of years to explore the other side of the world. 


What Rebekah hadn’t expected was the compassion she would feel for a tattered little group of street children.


On the street for various reasons, these ragged youngsters were already quite familiar with family crisis, poverty, and abuse. Some had parents, but were sent to beg day after day among the squalor of the dusty roads. Their dirt-encrusted palms were well trained to extend as they shouted the only two English words they knew: “Hellomoney. Hellomoney.”


Of course, money wasn’t their genuine need. What little they collected was soon wasted on non-essentials or taken from them by some adult. Appalled by these conditions, Rebekah found herself thinking much more for them, than the Tibetan language she’d come to study. 


As time progressed, Rebekah helped organize quarterly baths for the street kids. Her contacts in the states sent clean clothes for the bathings and Rebekah helped the children learn simple basics about hygiene, health and the One who had come to be their holiness.  


Rebekah loved these children and spent time with them. And it wasn’t just a distant love, where she sent clothing or dropped pamphlets. She touched the children. She proved her love through both her words as well as her touch. It was easy for her to pray for them because she had their dirt under her nails. 


This too was Jesus’ example of explaining Truth. He could have waved his Hand over the city and healed masses at a time. Yet, His method was one on one…an example that He now expects of us. 


As we pray that He send someone to speak Truth to those around us, may we recognize that His method with that proclamation is one of personal gentleness. For it is only with tender instruction that any come to the knowledge of the Truth (2 Timothy 2:25). 


May we be His gentle messengers as we pray His Truth upon our world (Ephesians 4:2). 


“Father, You’ve been teaching us to pray that deceit be bound, hearts be prepared and eyes be opened to see Truth. But as we get into the nitty gritty of Your Love, Your desire is that Truth not only be explained, but demonstrated one on one. 


Your Son took human form, so that Your Love could be physically felt through a gentle touch. As we intercede for those on our hearts, may You grant us the compassion that not only speaks the Truth in Love but also exemplifies the Truth in deed. For that, I will need Your divine Nature reaching out through my hands. Nothing else will do.”


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