Source of the Spark

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Have you ever thought about the fact that you can be “enriched in all speech and knowledge” and yet not be a spiritual person?


The Corinthian church was. Paul praised them for there knowledge in one chapter and then had to admit their lack of spirituality a few paragraphs later.


We are much the same, don’t you think?


We have lots of head knowledge but very little spiritual power. How often do you leave church feeling that although the message stirred your mind, there was just something missing?


Could it be that:


True spiritual awareness is not a mastery of knowledge, but intimacy with the Holy Thinker.


We may set aside a handful of hours every week for spiritual learning, but the real source of wisdom is resting in the Logos Himself.


At creation, the Spirit of Life scooped up loose soil and Handmade a form. This gave us the likeness of the Creator, but not the “life-ness”. 


In order to be found in the true image of the Trinity, God blew activity and vigor into our lungs. To be like God, we had to be filled with the “zoe” of life.


One minute we were a lifeless wick without a flame. The next, the Creator lit the spark of intelligence within us. Christ’s life was our light


From the beginning, He is the source of any wisdom we have. 


Today, His breath is still the source of our mind, will and character. Indeed, Christ is the spiritual access port by which we wirelessly download the wisdom of God. Without connection to Him, there is no power


By no intelligence of our own, we are now in Christ, “who became to us wisdom from God”. 


Want to be uniquely creative? 


Determine to know nothing except Jesus Christ.


Want your children to be remarkably imaginative? 


Teach them by combining spiritual thoughts with spiritual words.


Want your interactions with others to be distinctively inspired?


Focus on the fact that you have the mind of Christ.


So, what are you thinking? I’d love to hear.