So Why am I not Perfect?

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Yesterday, I shared my first step of faith with you from my Mother’s point of view. 


As I think back to the years following, I find that although I accepted Jesus’ forgiveness of my past and future sins, I didn’t automatically become nice. 


Blurbs from my own childhood diary unearth my mischievous and selfish attitudes:


  • January 6, 1968 – “Recorded Dad’s snoring. He wasn’t happy.”


  • July 11, 1968 – “Today is my birthday. I am at camp, so that didn’t make my birthday very happy.”


  • April 18, 1970 – “Today I got up and watched cartoons. I spilt some milk and Mama got real mad! Sometimes, I don’t like her at all.”


  • August 3, 1971 – “Today I went to Bonnie’s and tried on a blonde wig. I looked beautiful.”


  • March 30, 1972 – “Today after school, me and Valarie went to Myrt’s Drive-In. Tomorrow she is spending the night. Scarlet’s mad ‘cause I asked Valarie over. I asked Scarlet first, but she couldn’t come. She acts like I ought to never have any fun without her.” 


So, if I received Christ so early – had such a great start – blessed with such a praying mom….then, why did I still deal with things like vanity, selfishness, and jealousy?


It’s because each person is made up of three parts:






When Christ comes into our lives at salvation, He settles down within our spirit. His Spirit within our spirit lets us know that we are His (Romans 8:15). 


Because God is spirit (John 4:24), He communicates with His new children through their spirit (Romans 8:16). Communication with God is never emotional or mental, but always spiritual – His Spirit to ours and vice versa. 


Before we invite Him into our spirits, our own spirit is darkened with no true enlightenment of Life – very similar to the earth before creation (Genesis 1:2). Yet, once His Spirit is within us, we have an automatic connection into the heavenlies itself – kinda like a direct line to the throne room of God. 


Our soul, however, is a different story. Centralized between spirit and body, the soul is the heart of the thoughts and emotions of a man. You might even say, our soul is the hub of our personality. 


Although a person may ask the Lord to come into their spirit as their master, the Father allows the soul’s options to remain in the hands of the individual. God doesn’t sweep in to instantly transform every thought, feeling and desire. Because He so values love that spills from a life that freely chooses Him, He allows us to daily make the decision toward Him. 


Salvation is a onetime choice.

Transformation is a lifetime process. 


What insight’s did the Father give you today?