So just whose presence are you in?

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When we arrive at the table of His Presence, we find the presence of others there as well.


The presence of our enemies.


Kinda ironic, isn’t it?


We made it through the valley of shadows, arrived at our banquet destination, and there they are – the same enemies that were wounding us in the valley.


Yet, herein lies the difference. 


Here in this place, we have the time to sit and collect our thoughts.


Before us is the Bread of His Presence offering us fulness of joy.


Just to the side, lurking the shadows, we see the presence of our deceivers, bent on our destruction.


Our enemies’ strategy is intimidation. They are vicious, venomous and vitriolic and use our own weakness’ as their point of attack.


But no matter what our reaction is to their insults, His Presence is unthreatened. 


In bold authority, He moves the table of His Presence where ever we are – even if that includes in the midst of hostility. 


So who will capture our attention?


Will we fix our worried vision upon our roaring adversary


Or will we rivet our eyes upon our only Hope for deliverance?


When we seek His Presence, He hides us in His secret place from conspiracy and gossip.


The banqueting chair has been pulled out, so just take a seat and look into the face of your welcoming Host.


Holy Father,


I do desire to keep my eyes fixed upon Your Presence and not upon the noise of the world. When the enemy is antagonistic, I find it easy to run to You. Despite my despair, I cling to the hope of praising You again.


Yet, I have to admit – when the enemy disguises himself in my comfort, I am often duped into wandering much to close to the presence of my mortal enemy. The lust of the flesh, the list of the eyes and the boastful pride of life trip me up and I find myself loving me more than I love You.


Good grief. What then can You do with such a mess? 


Why would you want me at Your table of Presence?




Oh….I see now….


It is also in Your Presence that our secret sins are exposed. May my mountainous sins melt before You as I stay in Your Presence. O how I need Your face as the Bread of my life. 


Your nearness is my good. May I never be away from Your Presence. I seal this prayer with the Name of Your Son and my Brother – so be it.