So How Can I Just Stop Worrying?

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Practice listening to the Lord’s Word while seated at His feet (Luke 10:39).


Okay. That sounds like a plan (but what does it mean?)


Well, there is a word that is used over and over in the New Testament. It combines two existing words into one word – conveying the idea of humbling oneself like a beloved dog licking his master’s hand. That’s pretty much a “sitting at the feet” idea, don’t you think?


Any guess on what the word is? 


It’s “proskuneo”.


Oh…you meant you wanted English, right?


Okay. It’s the word “worship”. 


Worship is the perfect defensive shield to worry.


Just think about it. You are alone at night. You begin to think about the fact that the locks on the doors aren’t very sturdy. And the neighborhood isn’t all that safe. Your thoughts take a nose dive into the worry lane and you are wide awake listening to every creak and groan.


What’s next?


  1. You lie awake for most of the night and are exhausted the next day.
  2. You go take a sleeping pill to force yourself to stop thinking.
  3. You get on the internet and try to get sleepy.
  4. You begin to worship and the evil one hightails it out of your thought patterns so that you fall asleep with a song on your heart.


Honestly. Worship is the worrier’s best warfare weapon.


Read the whole story about Jehoshaphat again.  


Foreign army coming their way.

J-phat freaks out.

God sends a promise.


And when they began singing and praising, the Lord set ambushes” (2 Chronicles 20:22).


Worship activates the promiseswing it


So let’s try it out today. What were you probably going to worry about? ______________


(Aw, come on. You know it’s on the docket). 


Now anytime that worrisome thought comes up today, let’s you and I covenant together to sing a song of worship the minute that we realize the thought has crept in. (I might even blurt mine out loud). We won’t give the evil one the satisfaction of spinning his web in our brains, okay? 


Okay, it’s a deal.




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