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Sometimes the path of righteousness turns into the valley of shadows.


What are shadows all about anyway?


The New Oxford American Dictionary defines a shadow as “a dark area or shape produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface”. 


In other words, shadows are created when something comes between us and the Light.


Often times, I have found that a difficult situation may be my initial entrance into the valley of shadows. 


But then it is my reaction toward that experience that keeps me wandering in the dark.


When I doubt God’s character and His Word, it is as if I mortar in one doubt atop another – bricking in my unbelief until it becomes a lofty fortress blocking my view of God. 


The taller my distrust of God grows, the larger shadow it casts.


The shadow thrown by my tower of worry becomes the perfect breeding ground for the demons of despair, discouragement and fear. 


These filthy, disfigured wretches congregate and reproduce under the cloak of the darkness of unbelief.


One of their favorite lies is regarding my solitude and weakness.


Elijah heard these voices, too. 


I alone am left,” he told God.


Elijah had


raised the dead

brought down fire from heaventhree times 

transitioned into the afterlife without dying

And was chosen by the Father to inform Jesus of His pending betrayal,death and resurrection


Yet – Elijah also had to deal with the shadows.


I tell of my real experience with the spirit of fear and despair in Hungry For More: Feasting through the Word.


What I learned about these lying voices is that they are not nearly as large and powerful as they presume to be. Kinda like the weird little one-legged invisible munchkins in the Chronicles of Narnia.


Fear and despair have a much bigger bark than they do bite.


Our response from the valley, then is to put on our spiritual armor and take up our divine weapons.


We purposely find ways to decrease the world’s message over our lives and increase the Truth we hear.


When doubt and speculation arise, we drag those thoughts captive back to the feet of Christ. 


That will look something like this:




My thoughts are racing again. I find myself doubting your care for me, even though You have told me not to fear because I am Your very own child. 


I have to admit that I have actually been thinking that _____________may happen. 


In the authority of Your Name, I bind and gag that thought. You promised that the spirits are subject to me in Your Name and I exercise Your authority over this (fearful, angry, gluttonous etc…) thought. I bring it before You.


Your Word says that You are greater than any thought that can enter into my mind. That’s a bit hard for me to grasp because I know how unruly and persistent this one can be. Yet, as I claim Your power and force this thought to submit to You, I know that You can attack and overpower it.


Dismantle this antagonizing thought, Father. Take away all of the puff and splendor that it tries to scare me with. I ask that You would also plunder the camp that it has made in the shadows of my doubts. Take away from them all of the weapons that they have been using against me. 


And one day, allow me to teach others how to live in Your freedom and Light as well. 


Meanwhile, allow me to hear You even while in the dark when I can’t see You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


I’m praying this for you today. Grace and peace to you, my dear one.