Seeing Through Others

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seeing past

How have you looked at other people today? 


With eyes of annoyance? Or impatience? Or boredom?


The Word says we’re not to be regarding them “in the flesh” in the first place. We are to see through their idiosyncrasies and into their spirit.


Think for a moment about that person that gives you the most difficulty. 


Can you see them in your mind’s eye?


Now think of their entire life, from birth to death, expressed on film.  


Imagine their past, present and future all encapsulated onto digital media that could be viewed from your own living room.


As long as we continue to see this life with our physical eyes, our perception remains the same – they annoy, anger or frighten us.


Yet, there is one detail about this video that I forgot to mention.


God is the Producer and Director of this film, ordering events according to His purpose


Embedded into this life story are innuendoes and realities that aren’t caught by the natural eye. 


In order to see all involved, God offers His own spiritual 3-D glasses. 


This lens allow you to see directly into a person’s spirit and see the depths of his very soul. 


Now, you see the wounds, the pain, and the heartache that has brought them to where they are today.


If this person has the Living Lord within their spirit, our glasses glimpse the fruit of the Spirit that He is growing through His implanted Word.


If they are not yet believers, we see a darkened spirit, bound only to the fleshly and unable to make decisions of Light.


Fast forward to the last few minutes of the film. In these moments, each and every life meets the same ending


Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Christ is, was and will be the final reality.


So how then do we look at one another?


Through spiritual eyes.


Ask God to give you insight into the spirit of your family, friends and enemies.


If He reveals the Spirit of the Living God living within, ask that He show you what He is accomplishing and how you can join Him in praying for them.


If He reveals a spirit devoid of Him, use your negative emotions toward them as a signal to pray this simple prayer: “Grant them to hear Your Truth by faith.”


Keep the glorious end in mind, when regarding your fellow man. Fast forward your own situation often, so that you can be reminded of final reality. Begin to live now with the end in mind, so it will be easier on you on that future day.


I’m praying for you today. Keep your spiritual 3-D’s on.