Seeing the Unseen

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Yesterday, we talked about dropping your bucket and looking up. 


Did you pick it back up this morning?


If so, set it down again. 


 Let’s look at the next step in seeing Him with spiritual eyes.


Re-read Matthew 14:22-29.


Once the disciples glimpsed Jesus, the view terrified them.


This isn’t uncommon. 


Seeing the unseen is scary.


Zacharias had a vision in the temple and “fear gripped him”. (Luke 1:12)


The shepherds saw the heavenly angels and “they were terribly frightened” (Luke 2:9).


Peter had freaked out over a mysteriously large catch of fish (Luke 5:9-10).


But the heavenly response is always the same:


“Have courage and don’t be afraid”. 


Herein lies an important test regarding the source of the message


The evil one’s message is one of 





Christ’s message is one of 





So do the math.


Does the one you see offer peace or fear?


Does the voice you hear encourage or discourage?


Do you purposefully spend time in belief or distraction?


Although seeing His brilliance is frightening, staying in His Presence offers increased courage, hope and faith. 


Father, there is something about a glimpse of You that almost scares me off. I desire to take a peek, but find myself uncomfortably frightened with how much greater than me You truly are.


Sometimes I don’t even stay in Your Presence long enough for Your reassurance. Maybe I’m too afraid of getting mixed up with the wrong kind of spirit. I’m not really sure.


Calm my soul. Grant me discerning eyes to recognize You. I don’t want to quench Your Spirit, but I do want to examine everything carefully. 


Open my spiritual eyes and touch me with Your peace, encouragement and gift of faith. I need You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


Tell me about where most of your thoughts come from.