Secrets from a Notebook

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Somewhere around our seventh year in Taiwan, a question began burning within me:



What does true intercessory prayer look like?”



Considering the fact that I had known God for some time, I was quite disconcerted with my ignorance. (He, on the other hand, didn’t seem that surprised.)


So, I simply asked Him to show me verses that He was already praying for His world. 



Over the next two years, He slowly began to reveal those to me. As one would surface through my daily reading of His Word, I would scribble it onto the back pages of my journal. And as I prayed for friends, family or even the lost, I referred to them often.



As time neared for an extended time in the states, I realized that suitcase space kept me from taking all five journal notebooks with me. One Sunday afternoon, I spread the pages before me and sat down at the computer to compile the listing. 



Now, although I had regularly prayed these verses, I never noticed the theme that tied them all together.  But as I slowly input them one by one, I realized that they were all about one Topic






Not only that, but within that topic, each of the twenty-seven verses fell easily in one of five categories. 



So, what began in the back of various notebooks in 1996 has now become my guideline for intercession



Join me over the next several weeks as we explore both these verses and their themes as they point us how to request of behalf of Truth. 



I have to admit, I’m excited all over again. 



I hope you are as well. 



Christ Jesus, 

Thank You for inviting us into Your very classroom of prayer. You didn’t only pray while you journeyed the earth, but continue to do so now at the right Hand of the Father (Romans 8:34). We couldn’t have a better Professor. We tremble with this opportunity

Open our understanding to receive all that You desire to teach. The treasures of the heavenlies are open and available to us. Show us how to pick up and deliver blessings into the lives of those so desperate for Truth. Indeed, O Lord, teach us to pray (Luke 11:1).