Scarfing or Savoring?

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“Ze leemoun sorbet iz tu cleenze ze pahlayt.”


I looked at the small portion of sherbet in front of me and then glanced at Mark to see if he knew why we were being served dessert before our entree. 


Mark had treated me to a premier French restaurant for our anniversary and I was having a “leetle” trouble understanding the waiter’s accent.


“He said this is lemon sorbet to cleanse our pallet,” Mark whispered as our server headed back into the kitchen. 


“Sounds great to me,” I smiled. “It’s not often that we get to have dessert in the middle of our meal.”


As I swirled the sorbet in my mouth, anticipation for the main course heightened. When my Pavé de Thon Grillé arrived, I was ready to savor every bite of the delicious grilled tuna. 


I took small bites to experience each distinct flavor and had sips of sparkling water between most bites. I wanted the evening to last as it was definitely a night to remember.


I thought back to my childhood, growing up on the farm in West Texas. We raised almost everything we ate, including the beef. Recipes were simple, just like my palette. My dad worked hard and my mother cooked to fill him up. Most meals included homemade bread, butter, and my dad’s favorite staple: Brer Rabbit Molasses. 


Yes, the six-year-old Kandy hadn’t known anything about relishing flavors on well-prepared taste buds.


But, there is a time for each type of meal, even when it is our spirits that are doing the eating. 


There have been periods in my life in which the best thing for my spiritual nutrition was to intake the Word in large portions. Early in our life in Taiwan, Mark divided the New Testament into 30 sections, so that we could consume these twenty-seven books within one month’s time. Talk about providing the essential vitamins and minerals needed for a healthy diet… This infusion of the Word covered all of the “food groups”, allowing a familiarity with God’s Voice that gives strength when you aren’t quite sure what you need. Using an audio Bible is also a great idea for this type of meal. 


At other times, I’ve found it best to just ruminate on one or two phrases for several days. It’s kinda like having a little spiritual sorbet before savoring Truth. Using to look up the original language or similar cross-references allows one to truly relish the Word for His depth of distinctive flavors. Keeping the verses before you throughout the day gives the Spirit opportunity to reveal His zest directly into your spirit. You have to be careful here not to get lazy and zip through true mediation. Remember, being in His Presence is the goal here, not just checking a few verses off your list of things to do.


Personally, in our current waiting situation, I’m finding the first type to be most helpful. 


What are ways are you currently enjoying the full flavor of the Word?