Refilling the Tube

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“You can’t put toothpaste back in the tube.”


Well actually, I beg to differ as we’ve been doing it for years.



I have a good excuse really. Since travel tubes weren’t available in Taiwan, we suitcased them from the states and refilled them as needed in preparation for trips in and out of Asia. You have to get the mouths of the tubes aligned perfectly, but it can be done.


The brand of toothpaste that squirts into the tube is the brand that goes onto the brush when squeezed. Whatever goes in is what comes out.


So of course, toothpaste tubes were exactly where my mind landed when our pastor recently spoke on Psalm 119:11. “Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You.”


There is was again, but this time our heart is the container. Whatever we put into our heart is what will come out. Especially when we are squeezed.For the Word to remain fresh within us, we must refill our hearts daily. Each day, we are squeezed just enough to empty our spiritual travel tube by nightfall. Since we never know which crisis will account for the big squeeze, it’s best to replenish our hearts daily with this one necessary Ingredient. His Word will not only keep our mouths fresh by preventing the spill of unwholesome words, but also work deeply within to keep our minds and our emotions in peace.


So tell me, what have you refilled the tube of your heart with today?