Hyper-Easy Homemade Biscotti

Okay, this is so easy, it’s a little embarrassing to mention. There are no ingredients exactly, because you are just repurposing what is already in your kitchen getting stale.

You will need left-over:

  • cinnamon rolls or
  • banana nut bread or
  • pumpkin muffins or….

(You get the idea.)

Take whatever left-over sweet breakfast bread you have available, slice into biscotti-sized logs, and “bake” in a 250 degree oven until it dries out. This will take somewhere between 30-70 minutes, according to the thickness and length of your slices. If it is not quite crunchy enough after 30 minutes, turn your slices over and “bake” them a bit more. Bag up your cooled biscotti in zip-lock baggies and enjoy with coffee or hot tea. 


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