Receiving them – Receiving Him

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“And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me” Matthew 18:5


As one of His children, we desire to know Him.


Yet as parents, we often feel that we hardly have the time.


Between the daily tasks of changing diapers, keeping up with the laundry, and getting a meal on the table, we can get very overwhelmed with the mundane.


Whatever happened to the fervor we had for the Lord before the children came along?


Let’s look into Matthew 18:5 for some encouragement.


We’ll be looking at the word “dechomai” (receives) for the next few days. 


This Greek verb is used several times in the New Testament. 


One such place is in Luke 2:28 where Simeon took the Baby Jesus up into his arms and blessed Him. Translated here as “took up”, we can visualize the actual physical action of lifting up the Baby into his arms.


How many times as parents do we do that very thing?


Parenting is almost synonymous for hugging, holding, cuddling, comforting and squeezing. 


Here in the Matthew account, Jesus encourages parents to touch their children with love.


Yet, He doesn’t only give an encouragement, He also gives a blessing:


Lifting up your children counts towards lifting up Christ as well!


Listen to the audio as Kandy digs a little deeper into Matthew 18:5:


Did you catch that?


Every day that you take your children into your arms in His Name, you are obediently taking more of the Lord into your life as well.


Patience with them is counted as patience with Him.


Kindness with your children is regarded as kindness toward Him.


This spiritual principle stands true no matter what the age of your children and applies to “spiritual children”, who aren’t necessarily related to you. 


How have you received a child in His Name today?  Then you have received Him, too.