Ready to get out of the valley?

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One particular Thanksgiving in Taiwan, I somehow got the idea to invite everyone that I knew for the holiday meal. 


Over a month prior, we ordered five large turkeys from a wholesale meat market, borrowed 15 folding tables and began stockpiling mounds of stale cornbread in the freezer. 


Our apartment was too small to contain everyone (as evidenced by the size of our kitchen in picture above). 


So, Mark and I split the guest list into four groups, which would come to our house on different days:


Our Mandarin speaking church

Our English speaking colleagues

Our Taiwanese colleagues

Our American/Canadian friends, who had become family.


It contained 147 names.


In the span of ten days, our lives revolved around setting up tables and clearing them away.


Needless to say, I’ve never done that again. 


Ever heard of Black Friday? Yeah, I coined that phrase years before retailers ever thought of opening their doors at midnight.


And the sad thing was – I’m not sure all of that preparation benefited any of the guests.


But, our Divine Host doesn’t have that problem. 


Right now, He is “preparing a table” for you.


He realizes that when you arrive, you will have smell of death’s valley about you. 


You have been in the midst of darkness, wild animals and thieves. You are wounded and scraped up. 


You weren’t nearly as courageous as you had hoped. You hid, cowered, and tried to retreat, but somehow, He led you out.


So, before you can go before the King to eat the feast, He has brought clean garments that are just your size. 


Put your name in the blank and hear what the Father speaks on your behalf.


“Now ___________ was clothed with filthy garments and standing before the angel. And (the angel) spoke and said to those who were standing before him, ‘Remove the filthy garments from ______________.’


“‘See, I have taken your iniquity away ________ and will clothe you with festal robes.’


“‘Let them put a clean turban on your head.’ So they put a clean turban (of thoughts) on __________’s head and clothed ___________with garments while the angel of the Lord was standing by.” (Based on Zechariah 3:3-5).


This is the feast prepared just for you. Laid out in splendor by the Master Himself. 


Won’t you spend a few moments in worship and thankfulness for His preparation? 


His feast has healing for your soul.