Ready for the Day

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“They chose someone with no experience!” Alyssa wailed to her mother.


The shock of the statement hit Scarlet as hard as it had her daughter. 


As a rising high school senior, Alyssa should have been a shoo-in for captain of the flag team. The only girl in her school with three years experience on flags, she had worked hard to achieve this honor. Alyssa seemed the obvious choice. 


To everyone but her sponsor that is.


After patching up her daughter’s emotions as best she could, Scarlet was left boiling inside. “How could the coach have made such a mistake?” she fumed. “She’ll get a piece of my mind at the first opportunity!”


Errands that afternoon prevented immediate confrontation, but did little for Scarlet’s seething emotions. Hardly aware of other cars on the streets, she rehearsed all that she would vent onto the unfair sponsor the next morning. By the time Scarlet pulled into the Walmart parking lot, her blood pressure was so elevated that the color of her face matched her red hair. She hadn’t been named Scarlet for nothing. 


Completing her purchases, Scarlet stormed blindly out of the store – only to walk directly into (and almost over) a community acquaintance. 


Instantly recognizing both she and her two children, Scarlet stopped cold. 


The deep grief etched on the woman’s face was still quite obvious. Just weeks prior, she had lost her husband in a tragic accident


While Scarlet fumbled her condolences, she ached for their loss. Her empathy punctured the anger and Scarlet suddenly felt very tired. As she turned toward her car, she heard the voice of God clearly, “Some situations are much worse than not getting flag captain.”


Needless to say, Scarlet never talked to the flag sponsor.


Even as Christians, we have options. We have the choice to submit our attitudes and emotions to the Spirit, or we can stubbornly cling to our own course of action. 


Honestly, when an emotionally-charged situation presents itself unexpectedly, it’s usually too late for me to yield. “In the moment” isn’t my best time to choose doing it God’s way. 


Knowing this about myself, I wake up every morning and surrender that day to Him. Before my first cup of coffee, I sleepily give Him my emotions, thoughts and desires, so that I can be better prepared for whatever will come. Then when life throws a curve, I’ve already given Him authority to remind me of Who I’ve put in charge. 


Is this a fail-proof solution? Absolutely not. But the Father grants His Spirit often enough to glorify Himself and allows failure enough to keep us humble. 


It’s not really about us, anyway, is it? Our good works are exhibited to exalt Him, not ourselves (Matthew 5:16).