Reaching Deep

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“And whoever receives one such child in My name receives Me” Matthew 18:5


Let’s spend one more day looking at this verse. 


We’ve talked about how lifting up your child, lifts up Christ as well


Then yesterday, we saw that He accredits our futile attempts with our children as current successes with Him.


Today, let’s focus on the phrase “in My Name”. 


Our strength for all that we do – not just parenting – is found in these three little words: “in His Name”. 


My own thoughts and emotions toward my children can vacillate widely. 


The way they act affects me. The words they speak impact me. The looks they give can upset me.


And sometimes, my attitude has absolutely nothing to do with my children at all. 


Yet, no matter how I feel or what situations scream at me, the fact of the matter is that the Spirit of peace currently lives deep within me. 


My spirit is calm before God and good with God, regardless of my emotions.


So parenting in His Name is reaching past me and turning over the present reality to His jurisdiction. 


When a deliveryman shows up at your door from FTD, you immediately want to peek inside the box. You are as much interested in the name on the card as you are bouquet itself. 


Of course, you know that the flowers aren’t from the delivery guy – he is just bringing them to you on behalf of someone else.


Receiving our children in His Name is much the same. 


We are just delivering His Personality to the situation.


It might look something like this:


Despite very little sleep, the teething baby is up again within 15 minutes of going down for his nap. 


Your own emotions and thoughts are exasperated and impatient. 


Yet, as you enter the nursery, you pray, “I want to deal with him using Your Personality, not mine, Lord. I’m just the ‘delivery boy’ here to drop off Your attitude. It’s in Your Name that I deal with this crying.”


It is in His Name that I must source my reactions, not from within the realm of my emotions.


I must reach past my own attitude about the situation and claim His personality to deal with issues.


We can “do all” in the Name of Jesus because we first “ask all” in His Name.


What are the issues swirling around you right now? What specific things do you need the signature of His Name on before they are delivered?