Purity and Vision

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“Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.” 


I’m so glad that this doesn’t say, “blessed are the pure in emotion” or “pure in mind”. 


No, the Father has made it very clear. 


It’s the one who is pure in heart who will be the one to see Him.


Spiritual vision is available to all who have traded our own diseased life for His uncontaminated One.


When we believe in Him and receive His Life into ours, our inner man becomes as pure as His. This is ours. A gift given to us that cannot be rescinded.


So why do we often have a very hard time seeing with our spiritual set of eyes?


The promise says that if I have Him in my inner man, I should then see Him with spiritual eyes – right?


Yes, but there is a filter. It’s called your soul.


Our soul, which houses thoughts and feelings, resides between heart (spirit) and flesh. 


Mind and emotions will cause quite a stir about the new Life that lies deep  within us. 


“Throbbing with personality, our soul may submit to the Spirit’s direction as we are confronted with His Word, or turn to follow the flesh at the first sign of difficulty” (Hungry For More, chapter 10). 


Picture this. My daughter’s upstairs bedroom is lined with windows on both sides. In each window hangs a mini blind. 


When I want to see the sunlight, I have several options. I can stick my finger through the closed blinds and peek through the small crack I have made. I can use the toggle rod to adjust slats on the blinds. Or I can use the cords to raise the shade up all the way for maximum light. 


We have the same options with spiritual vision. The amount of Light we allow into our minds and emotions depends upon us. 


Of course, it begins with our desire for Light. Moving toward the brilliance of His Word is a great place to start. 


We believe that the SonLight resides within our spirit. Now, we must also resolutely keep fiddling with the blinders until they open. 


We make a moment by moment choice to face the Light and grope our way toward Him


19th-Century missionary Andrew Murray says it this way: 


“The new will is a permanent gift, an attribute of the new nature. The power to do is not a permanent gift, but must be received each moment from the Holy Spirit.”


With Christ in lifelong residence within, we are pure in heart. 


How have you faced the Light and reached for the blinds?