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“I’ve lost my wedding ring”.


Married only a few months, I so hated telling Mark the news. But, as I sat there retracing my last hours, I knew I would need his help to look.


We returned to Joel’s garage where we had been refinishing our old dresser. 


Over the course of the next hour, the situation grew more discouraging as both Joel and Angie joined us in the search. My ring was nowhere to be found. 


Angie and I had been voicing prayers aloud as we searched, but as the first hour slipped into the second, the nausea of life without my ring began eating my insides.


We had no insurance or ability to replace it and I was devastated. 


Miserable, Mark and I climbed back into the van to make our way home. As we sat in silence, my tears returned and I reached into my pocket for a tissue. 


There, safely inside my jeans pocket, was my wedding band. I’d had it with me all along.


I find that we search for His Presence in much the same way. 


At times, we are frantic – knowing that He must be around somewhere.


At other times, we are sadly resigned with our lot – feeling that we didn’t deserve His nearness anyway.


Yet all along, He is immediately within reach.


Return with me to Psalm 23:5:


“You prepare a table before me…”


This preparation is a continuous arrangement, ordered especially by the Father for the health and nourishment of you, His child.


Now peek into Exodus 25:23-30 for a description of our Master’s table:



Did you hear?


All the while that you were in the valley of shadows, He has been busy preparing this exquisite table just for you.


And the most amazing part is that He knows just what will really refresh you – the Presence of His Spirit. 


This is no ordinary Bread, as we need so much more than just food.


This is the Bread of Life – His very Presence which:


Brother Lawrence speaks of His Presence best:


“When you practice the presence of God, you will be contented and satisfied, enjoying the treasure of God’s presence in your life rather than being in an anxious search for Him.”


I’m praying for you today that you will come to His table and find the abundance which is prepared and waiting for you. 


How can I pray specifically?