Praying for Your Children Works!

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While I sneak off to see grand babies, Martha Kirk is taking up the pen at Hungry For More. You’ve heard from (and about!) Martha before as we’ve been friends since second grade. Welcome her as she shares a beautiful testimony about praying for your children. 



“With the near arrival of my second grandchild (maybe THIS week), I’m thinking about how God has a plan, knows our lives, is in control, and really does hear our prayers! The parents of this new grandbaby are my oldest son, Jordan, and is wife Hartlee. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: they are perfect for each other, and God miraculously brought them together.


“I think back to a small gathering of our neighbors that met together every Sunday night, broke bread and studied God’s Word. This group encouraged, cried, laughed, and motivated each other to try and look a little more like Jesus every day. During one season of studying together we looked at the book, “The Power of the Praying Parents”. Don’t get me wrong, I had always prayed for my kids, who at that time were around 12, 14 and 16 years old. However, we learned from this book that sending your kids out every day without first covering them in prayer is akin to sending them out to fight a battle, without any armor.


“For the first time in my life, I became fervently dedicated to praying every single day for each one of my children. It wasn’t a simple “bless them” prayer, but I got down to brass tacks, asking for specific requests daily, adding daily requests and needs when the situation arose.


“I realized at that point, that one of the most important items for which I needed to be talking to the Father about was my kids’ future spouses! I began praying every day: “I pray for the person that (child’s name) is supposed to marry. Help them to love you more than anything else and love each other second. I pray they will both be committed to the commitment they made in marriage, and I pray for their unborn children that they will be healthy and whole and a giant in your kingdom.”


“I began praying this prayer every single day for all three of my children. It was a wonderful feeling to be entrusting God with my children’s future and their spouses! Little did I realize that God would bring two people together who were perfect for each other, much better than the best dating website or matchmaker could have ever brought together.


“These future parents of my soon-to-arrive grandchild (and no, we don’t know the gender!) compliment each other in every way. All the idiosyncrasies of my Jordan don’t phase Hartlee, as she lovingly accepts him as is. They feel the same way about so many different areas of their lives, as Jordan honors Hartlee for the wonderful Proverbs 31 women she is. Not only do they share a love for the Lord that is strong and true, they also share a love for music, having even recorded several of Jordan’s songs together.


God IS in control, and does hold our lives in His hand. I can’t wait to see the offspring of these two that God brought together! TRUST Him today!”


Picture above of Jordan and Hartlee, Martha’s son and daughter-in-law.