Prayer of the Senses

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Holy Father,


I worship You today, not only as Creator of spiritual senses, but for patterning them after Your reality. Just as You gave me physical senses when I was born, You have bestowed these spiritual ones to me at my New Birth.  Thank You for giving me the option to connect with You. 


All too often, I allow my outer situation to dictate my inner feeling… and then I equate these feelings as being a true summation of my relationship with You. It’s not true, is it? My ever-changing thoughts and feelings have no bearing on You, my never-changing God (Hebrews 13:8). 


Dig out my spiritual ears that I may hear You (Psalm 40:6). After all, I was given the ability to hear You when I became Your child (John 8:47).  Spiritual hearing always leads to more believing.


I confess that I struggle with setting my eyes on You. Everyday distractions keep my thoughts jumping from one thing to another instead of focusing on the faith that sees (2 Corinthians 4:18). I’ve heard that Your ways are far higher than mine (Isaiah 55:8). Unfold them to me, so that Your Light can spill from my spirit into my thoughts and emotions, giving me insight that only True Peace can bring (Psalm 119:130).


I truly want to taste and know that You are good (Psalm 34:8). But sometimes that’s hard to believe when I don’t get my way with my requests. I’m selfish, Lord. I want only to savor the honey of Your Life and spit out the protein of endurance and suffering. Yet, not every bite of life is for my personal delight, huh? Grant me the perseverance to swallow whatever spoonful You put on my plate.  


Your favorite fragrance is willingness, isn’t it? So why am I so turned off to the scent of dying daily? Change my spiritual sense of smell so that I can enjoy wearing the perfume of abandonment as much as Your Son did. May I come to the end of my days smelling like heaven


Replace my feelings about You with a firm grasp of Your will. I want to lay hold of the One Who is holding onto me (Philippians 3:12). Even when I can’t see You, I need to sense Your whereabouts. Give me the faith to trust You even when You change Your grip. You are my Hope (Romans 15:13). 


Help me to walk by faith, not my sight or smell or taste or sound or feeling (2 Corinthians 5:7). Praise You for being the same today as You were at the point of my salvation. Selah.