Prayer for the Disheartened

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My dear child,


True religion isn’t “controlling your every action”. True religion is letting My life loose within you. 


Rules and regulations never make anything perfect, not even you.  I’m the only perfect One. 


Precious, remember that I look past all the stuff and into your heart. I’m always searching for the submissive, not the subjective. That’s the reason that faith is so important to Me. I really don’t need you to try any harder – believe Me, it won’t help my attitude about you. I’ve already completed all that you need to please Me. 


Take your hands off the wheel of your life and let Me drive. After all, I built the vehicle and the road. When you drive, you tend to get distracted by others along the way. You end up being partial to some and judgmental with others. And that slows down the process. 


Let me drive while you rest beside Me. It’s a far better way to travel. 


Aren’t you glad that I’m not distracted by people and things? I see all My children as equals. I like you just as much as I do the greatest evangelist or the cutest child. You all have a seat at my table with equal distances from Me. 


So dig in, My love.  Taste and see that banqueting on Me is good. My Word is sweet to your lips. Long for Me so that You can grow up in this Kingdom Way of Life


I’m yours for the asking. Ask, dear child, I’m so very ready to respond.