Prayer for Returning to School

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Holy Father,

Thank You that Your choice of me includes a holy, obedient life (1 Peter 1:2). How thankful I am that holiness comes, from the life of Jesus Christ not from my own actions. Because Your children have Your life within them, we are holy, just like You are (1 John 5:11-12, 1 Peter 1:15-16). May my faith and hope continue to be centered inside of You (1 Peter 1:21).

As my children (grandchildren) return to school, I think of them often. Urge my every thought to be lifted into prayer. Give each of our children (grandchildren) a craving for Your Word (1 Peter 2:2). For those that are not yet Christians, I ask that they may grow in respect to salvation in Your perfect timing. You have called each one to Yourself. Grant them lives of opportunity to display Your perfection (1 Peter 2:9).

Since Your children are called to be a blessing (1 Peter 3:9), I ask that I model a blessing to my child (grandchild) so that they too will become blessings. You have promised to keep Your eyes upon them, while listening attentively to their prayers (1 Peter 3:12). What a great promise from the Omnipotent One! Grant them the desire to always acknowledge You as first place in their hearts (1 Peter 3:15).

School can be a difficult place, Father — a place of worthless thoughts and deceitful traps (1 Peter 3:10). Protect them from the evil one, so that even if they must suffer in some way for the sake of righteousness, they will recognize Your hidden blessing in the midst of the suffering (Matthew 6:13; John 17:15; 1 Peter 3:14). Strengthen them not to fear intimidation or to be troubled, but always to be aware of the Hope within them (1 Peter 3:15).

Whatever challenges this year brings about, may my children (grandchildren) have an awareness of the good conscience they own toward You because of Christ’s life, death and resurrection (Romans 5:19; 1 Peter 3:21). Teach them how to rest as children of God with a bent to please You, rather than themselves (1 Peter 4:2). Above all, urge them toward an intense and unfailing love for others, as this is the path to forgiveness and freedom (1 Peter 4:8). May they cast all of their anxieties upon You each day as they leave for school. Thank You for caring for each detail affectionately and watchfully (1 Peter 5:7). In Jesus’ Name, Amen.