Prayer as a Tool for Evangelism

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Today’s guest blogger, Curtis Sergeant, shares with us a story on prayer that helped mold the lessons he now teaches to others. Curtis trains extensively around the country on equipping people to be disciples wherever they are. He and his wife, Debie, currently facilitate missionary training at MetaCamp, a hands-on training facility in Dadeville, Alabama.




“While living in a remote part of China, my wife and I had a neighbor who was a well-educated Communist party member.  We had been praying for her salvation.  


One day, we stopped to visit briefly on the street and she shared a problem that she was having at work.  I offered to pray for her.  Although she was an atheist, she agreed so as not to offend.  I prayed not only about the issue, but also for her family’s health, relationships, and spiritual condition.  


When I finished praying, she was extremely touched and commented that she had never felt such peace.  She thanked me profusely and we parted ways.


A couple of days later we met again and she asked, “Will you please pray for me?”  I prayed a similar prayer, but added prayers for our community, city, nation, and even some international issues.


When I finished, she responded, “The same thing happened again.  I felt a peace and joy like I’ve never experienced.”  


She then asked, “Does God really care about all those things?”  I told her of the Lord’s identity as Creator and shared about his character.  


She asked, “Is He really able to act in response to our prayers?”  I then told her about his omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence.


She replied, “Can I pray?”  


I responded that she could and that God would hear her but it wouldn’t be the same as when I prayed because she had no relationship with Him. I was His child. 


I explained to her how she could become His child.  She said she was not ready to take that step because she had to consider how it would affect her husband, her job and her daily life.


Then, she asked one final question.  “Can I teach my young daughter to pray?”  (The “one child” policy in China makes your one child of utmost importance.)  


I shared with her that she could teach her daughter to pray but that she too did not have a relationship with God.


The next time I saw her, she ran up to me and said, “I am a child of God now!”


 She continued, “After we last talked, I taught my daughter to pray.  We prayed together every day and about everything.  It was wonderful.  Even when we went to a raffle, we prayed about buying the ticket. We asked to win, but then realized that we were blessed to even have money to buy the ticket. We found ourselves praying for the handicapped children which the raffle was raising money for. 


Even though they didn’t win, her heart had been prepared. 


“That night at home, I realized that I wanted to know the God of prayer; to serve this God; to be His child.  I remembered how you told me that could happen, so I chose to follow Him and led my daughter to do the same.”


Since that time I have tried to be more sensitive to opportunities to pray for the lost in their presence to make His greatness known to them.  For me this has become my most fruitful evangelistic approach.”


Who can you ask to pray for today?