Poring Over or Poured Into?

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“Have you ever noticed how ‘Bible women’ become more demanding and difficult as they age?”


My friend’s off-the-cuff question lingered with me for days. Although I’d never thought about it, I unfortunately knew plenty of instances in which this was true. My memories were filled with elderly Christian women who were never pleased. How could I assure that my own pathway led to grace, rather than grumbling? How could I hold onto the exact truth of His Word without becoming exacting toward my own way?


The religious leaders of Jesus’ day spent much time scrutinizing the Torah. With careful precision, they investigated each regulation given by Moses so that every action could be delineated as either black or white. They seated themselves “in the chair of Moses,” deciding much but obeying little (Matthew 23:2-3). How often do we “Bible women” of today pore over the Scriptures like the Pharisee’s, but remain unwilling to meet with Him face to face as our very Life (John 5:40; Colossians 3:4)? Indeed, the law was handed down on stone through Moses; but graciousness and truth generate into reality only through a Person (John 1:17). Becoming approachable and ageless unfolds as we daily approach the Ancient of Days.


In order to mature gracefully, we must regard His Word as the life where we rest, not just a book that we  study. His Word is not merely a library of books to change your ideas, but a living force effecting change of your personality. These Scriptures we hold in our hands are not meant for mere knowledge. They bear witness of a Person — the very reality of Jesus Himself (John 5:39). In fact, Christ’s very Name is called the Word of God (Revelation 13:19)!


Nineteenth-century missionary Andrew Murray says, ”The whole… blessedness of waiting on God… is that we cannot for any time come into contact with Him without that life and power secretly, silently beginning to enter into us and bless us.” Oh, precious child of God — come daily before His Word as your very source of contact to the Living Person of your Lord. Pore over the Scriptures only in this way: allowing Him to secretly, silently pour Himself into your innermost being.