Petty Annoyances

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My dear child, 

How precious you are to me. You are always on My Mind as I watch your purpose unfold and blossom. Come and sit with Me for awhile.

Although I am within you, you still struggle with the outward trials of life. This is normal, My child. You mustn’t think that difficulties mean something is wrong in spirit. That’s not always true. 

Yes, I am at work within you. I do so by melting your desire into Mine, then releasing My work to pour forth from you (Philippians 2:13). But, it’s not only My inner promptings that work to achieve My purpose in you. 

Occasionally, I send an annoying situation your way. At other times, it’s an irritating person. Periodically, I intentionally slow down the pace of those achievements you are so anxious to have. 

These various difficulties aren’t always the devil’s handiwork, whom you so readily fault. Quite often, these are My own disguised blessings, dispatched straight from My heart, in response to your specific prayer. 

You ask to know Me, so I send a pruning knife to humiliate you. The branches that grow upward toward the Son are the ones that bear much fruit. A branch that only grows toward the center must always be pruned. 

You ask for courage, so I’ve allowed you to be overwhelmed. Although you may feel unable to survive, the truth is that I’m only bending you, not breaking you (Matthew 12:20). I am holding you together, allowing only that which has no true life to snap (Colossians 1:17). Believe in Me, not in the way things look from the outside (2 Corinthians 4:16-18). 

You ask that others see Me through your life, but the first evidences are often tainted. Learn from the unused garden hose: every conduit must be flushed out first before clean water can stream forth. Do not despair if your initial stream is impure. Continue connected to My Source and you will notice My purity in time. 

Were you to choose your own instructor in faith or self-control, your hand would avoid the agent most needed. In avoiding the pain, you walk away from the feast (Psalm 23:4-5). Welcoming my teachers, however they appear, is the quickest way to rest and contentment. Being underneath My wing doesn’t promise complete protection from the storm, but it does assure a Strong Companion. I will never leave you or forsake you (Hebrews 13:5).

Open your eyes to recognize the tutors I’ve sent. Stop complaining and begin praising. I’m answering your prayer to show you My splendor.