Pesky Thoughts

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You anoint my head with oil” (Psalm 23:5)


So what’s up with the oil?


For the shepherd, it is a staple in his medicinal toolkit. 


Linseed oil mixed with sulfur and tar is a highly effective repellent to the irritating flies that pester sheep. 


As gross as it sounds, these flies regard the sheep nostrils as a fine nesting area for their young. If left unhindered, these insects burrow up into the sinus cavities of the livestock and lay their eggs inside the heads of the sheep. 


Talk about driving you crazy. Can you imagine the discomfort?


A good shepherd knows to regularly anoint his lambs with this medicinal oil. As he frequently rubs it into their wool, this oily mixture not only protects his flock from the irritation, but also the danger of disease from the insects.  


Isn’t this a great word picture?


How often have the flies of worry, negativity or unforgiveness buried themselves in our minds? 


Gaining entrance into our thoughts, they multiply and soon devour our trust. Before long, we find the same fearful notions looping over and again, leaving us with despair of our lack of faith.


Have you ever been tormented with these flies?


That’s when we need to be reminded of the anointing oil of His Spirit. 


When we receive Christ into our lives, we automatically receive the anointing of His Truth.


“The anointing you received from Him remains in you.” (1 John 2:27 NIV)


Picture the anointing oil in a vial worn around the neck of the sheep. As long as it stays in the vessel, it does very little good to the wearer, although it is very close-by. 


Having His anointing Spirit without believing in His power is much like wearing a vial of oil without having it applied. His oil, which is powerful to repel those irritating thoughts needs not only to be remembered and believed


Some have the anointing of the Word, but derive very little benefit because the Word has not been faithed as true.


Individuals like these continue to worry and fret about every new detail that comes their way. 


Will I get the best job?

Will my children remain faithful?

Will our finances hold out?


Faith is the action that breaks the vial, allowing our Shepherd to re-anoint our thoughts with the Truth of His Spirit. 


When you realize the flies of doubt and discouragement are dealing you misery, pray something like this:


“Lord Jesus, I believe that You have anointed me with the oil of Truth. Through faith, I want to activate that Truth.  Drive away the pesky thoughts of doubt and confusion as I believe in You.” 


What are some of the thoughts that drive you crazy?