Peacocks and Pathways

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I took my seventeen-month-old grandson to Spirit Ranch yesterday. 


Not only does the property have a creek complete with fountains, it is also stocked with several families of peafowl. 


Judah, who is drawn to all living things, was mesmerized by the brightly colored peacocks. Not content to experience their beauty from a distance, Judah walked right up to the fowls. I guess he felt they all needed a big hug. 


Between trying to keep him at a safe distance from the peacocks and keep him from falling in the creek, Judah’s mother and I were on full alert. At one point, since his hands were out of reach, I grabbed his shirt collar from the back and held on, to keep him from tumbling down an incline and onto the iridescent blue-green plumage. 


Although peacocks are not typically hostile, I had heard of a recent story where a little eight-year-old had poked and prodded one of the males into a pecking frenzy. It didn’t end happily for either: the boy went to the hospital and the bird had to be put down. Of course, I didn’t want the incident repeated.


Judah wasn’t exceptionally thrilled with having his shirt tightened about his neck – and couldn’t quite figure out what was happening. Finally, when he was distracted by a nearby stick and patch of dirt to swipe it in, I turned loose and he once again had free reign of the amazing grounds. 


As I read Romans 8:5 this morning, it reminded me of yesterday’s incident with Judah. 


“Those who are according to the flesh set their minds (literally: “to direct their minds”) on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit.”


When we begin our day with the Father, submitting Him our thoughts, emotions and desires, we are giving Him the right to grab our hand or even our collar to direct us to the best pathway. We shouldn’t expect to go to the park with Him and then not allow Him to direct us as He sees best. He knows far more about our future than we can ever see and (despite how it looks at the time), always gives the best gifts (Luke 11:13).


Real freedom is having someone bigger than you keeping you safe.


Did you yield your day to Him yet? Better get started before you find yourself face to face with angry peacocks……