New Book

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2020 was a year of desperation. Despite our attempts to remain focused and calm, fear rushed upon our nation as we lost our sense of normalcy. While we quarantined, personal heartache bombarded our families with anxiety emboldened evil. The devil’s henchmen emerged from hiding, revealing his hatred of humanity through pornography, abuse, deviant sexuality, abortion, and violence.

Christ’s followers struggled with how to pray. I know because I shared the experience with you.

Amid the chaos and fog, the Father gently reminded us of the Scriptures that His children depended upon throughout the ages. Even in my inbox archive, He revealed years of specific prayers exchanged with friends and family in other crises. Surely praying His Word remained effective.

So, with fear and trembling (and kicking and screaming if truth be told), God led me to spend the months of quarantine compiling a template of written prayers. Gleaning from paragraphs that I’ve sent over the years, I loosely organized these prayers by broad categories for easy referral. The result is a topical reference book for requests and intercession.

Although this project has been on my mind for years, I procrastinated the work feeling it too large to ever “finish.” Certainly, needs are too varied for a single individual to attempt. Indeed, the minute I submitted the manuscript to the publisher, I thought of several more topics to address.

Yet, with humility, “Prayer Templates: Simplified Requests for Messy Times” is completed. Despite my inadequacy, the Father compiled a great resource to jump-start His children to pray His Word. When you desire to meditate on prayer, there is also a 30-day devotional section. “Prayer Templates” is available in paperback, hardback, and ebook formats and for sale on Amazon and Barnes & Nobles. I hope you will check it out.

May the Father continue His good work within each of us as we delve deeper into His heart through prayer.