My (Almost) Five-Year-Old Guest Blogger

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We have a special blogger today: my grandson, Noah. Let’s see what insights he has about fruit bearing.


I know that you recently went to pick wild blackberriesHow did you know which blackberries to pick? 
Noah: cause they were black.  not the red ones. 
Did you eat any of them while you were picking them? 
Noah: yeah 
What were they like?
Noah: they were soft.  some have something in the middle and some don’t.  juicy and sweet.
What did you do with the berries that you took home?
Noah: put them in the ‘frigerator. 
Noah: then they can get cold. 
What will you use them for?
Noah: eating for lunch. ( i don’t like the syrup you make with them, mom.)
Okay, so what did the blackberry bush look like? 
Noah: it looked like lots of spikies.  and there was lots of vines.  kind of some trees.  and then there were some branches and they were spikey.  then we picked some blackberries off. 
Were there any blackberries that had fallen off the tree?
Noah: i picked one, the big one, and it falled off.  i was going to pick it and then it fell on the ground.  cause it was so spikey, probly, that when i touched it, it fell. 
What did they look like?
Noah: dirty
Did you want to eat them?
Noah: yeah, i ate one.  i just ate it off the ground. 
What would happen to the leaves on the bush if someone came along with a saw and cut off the branch from the bush?
Noah: there could be no blackberries. 
How do you know that?
Noah: cause, i don’t know.  cause i’m big. (laughing)
What do you think would happen to the berries if some of them were still on the branch that got cut off?
Noah: they would be gone.  and we wouldn’t eat it.  you could pick it off right away, but then he (the guy that cut the branch), would say, “hey!  give that back!” 
Would you want to go back? 
Noah: yeah!! 
Noah: cause they’re so yummy.  some were not yummy cause they were in the sun for a while, so they weren’t good any more.  so we’ll just check if they’re yummy and eat all of them!
What was the most interesting thing that you learned about blackberries?
Noah: i don’t know.  i want to be done. 
So here is what I learned from this five-year-old:
  • You can’t bear fruit unless you are connected to the Vine (John 15:4). (Even a five-year-old knows that.)
  • If the branch becomes disconnected from the Vine, then the fruit is no longer under the ownership of the Gardener.
  • Ripe fruit easily abandons itself to be used up. It’s grown to be consumed. 
  • If the fully ripened fruit isn’t consumed by someone, then it is wasted. The fruit never consumes itself
  • You shouldn’t ask them too many questions….


What did Noah teach you about bearing fruit?