Mind Reset

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Like revolving skyward on a spiral escalator, my thoughts ascend to the realm of the Kingdom. “First things first,” I hear upon entry, for Kingdom matters are of utmost importance here. Rather than allowing lower things to feed anxiety into my mind, I turn my restless energy toward seeking Truth above

Breathing deeply of hope, I loiter among the promises and tarry amid the possibilities. “The Father has chosen gladly to give you this Kingdom,” He says. Although I enter piteous and insignificant, His arms sweep widely, showcasing the bountiful gifts. I pause, awestruck, finding that simply being here enlarges my faith

As I slowly proceed forward, I understand so little. Yet, I’m reminded that I have an eternity to comprehend. “The Kingdom of God is within you, not just above you.” I need not leave this dimension when I return to menial tasks, but I may continue to look up.

The mysteries remain many, but the power to unlock secrets seems linked to my willingness to investigate. Discernment comes to the one who desires it. My exploration reveals the Kingdom as both a place of lingering and a state of being. Like a patient archeologist, I must carefully uncover treasures one day at a time, remembering that the Father has chosen gladly to give us the Kingdom.

While I seek the realm, I must also seek the King. It is His Hand that holds the ultimate authority and rule. He opens what no one can close and closes what no one can open. “As you seek, I will give you the keys of the Kingdom.” He is willing to bestow a master key to everyone who desires to enter and abide. Those uninterested in spending time here will not be entrusted to keep these keys. 

So, I continue to seek. Beating a pathway toward the One Thing, I discover other desires in my life are also resolved. “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you” (Matthew 6:33). He grants more than I initially sought. 

Even though the way to the trysting place is narrow, come with me. Let’s slip often into this dimension where all things are possible. Although we are poor in spirit, the Kingdom is ours, bequeathed to us as an endowment of the King. Breathe deeply and enter through the portal of faith.