Making Prayer Count

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The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much. James 5:16


So just what is “righteousness”?


1. Looking for righteousness inside of man is like looking for life inside a grain of sand. No matter how many grains of sand you pick up to examine, you will never find life within any of them.  In the same way, nobody is righteous in and of themselves.


Yet, we have something within us that desires to be righteous.

We figure “surely there is something that I can do to qualify as good.”


2. Like thinking the world is flat, this view of righteousness doesn’t make habitually thinking it true. Let me repeat that. Years of trying to achieve righteousness through doing stuff still doesn’t make it real. 


Yet, we can receive it. 


3. Righteousness is like an unexpected, unsolicited USP delivery. It shows up at your doorstep as a gift, but you must be willing to sign for it in order to receive it. You trade your sloppy signature for His extravagant gift.


Yet, the evidence of our righteousness is incomplete


4. Kinda like a child growing up in your home, the little girl may have all of her limbs , but she is not yet an adult. She belongs to us, but we must wait for her fulness to develop. Righteousness is hidden within, yet not fully developed.


So true powerful prayer comes from a person who:


Doesn’t exist in the flesh


Was previously deceived


Was surprised at the gift


And still somewhat immature….


Yes, because righteousness is also moment by moment obedience



If you abide in Me, and My words abide (are kept and obeyed) in you, ask whatever you wish and it shall be done for you.” (John 15:7).  



It’s not the words you say that are effective, it’s the Word you live that has power.


Now, do your own truth mediation with these words:


Effective” – Greek verb energeo – to display one’s inward activity, show one’s self operative; from a root word meaning powerful and where we get our English word energy; Participle mood = a verbal noun adding -ing as a suffix (“effective-ing”, “displaying activity”)


righteous” – Greek adjective dikaios – upright, approved of or acceptable of God 


prayer” – Greek noun deesis – seeking, asking, entreating by men of God


can accomplish” – Greek verb ischyo – to have power, to be able


much” – Greek adjective polys – much, great, strong, intense, large


Take the time to share with us what you heard from Him….


Do you qualify?