Love that Lasts

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As our family stands beside the hospice bed of Mark’s mom, Wanda, today, I’m keenly aware that I’ve been very fortunate. 


I knew Love was patient, but now I’ve seen Love as Richard, her husband of sixty years, answered Wanda’s questions tirelessly as her dementia progressed. 


I knew Love was kind, but now I’ve watched love in action as he  brushed her hair and laid out her clothes that he had laundered the day before.


I knew Love wasn’t jealous, but I realized Love as Richard stepped down from his teaching position of forty-eight years to care for her needs.


I knew Love wasn’t arrogant, but now I’ve heard Love expressed as Richard has proudly recounts Wanda’s accomplishments during her volunteer years at High Plains Hospital. 


I knew Love shouldn’t act unbecomingly, but I never really knew the meaning until I watched his faulty knees get up time and again in order to redirect in her restless wandering.


I knew Love doesn’t seek its own, but Richard demonstrated this as he took Wanda out to eat twice a day for years, all when he would have rather made a sandwich at home.


I knew Love is not provoked, but seeing his calm demeanor after yet another household item was misplaced brought the statement to life before my eyes.


I knew Love does not take into account a wrong suffered, but I saw that Love manifested when the mood of her moment changed over and again.


I knew Love delights in the truth, but had never realized how insignificant the item of truth had to be for one man to truly rejoice. 


Yes, I have truly been blessed. I have seen my father-in-law bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things. 


This kind of Love didn’t stem from a passionate spark of long ago. 


No, his love has never failed, because his Source never failed. 


Thank you Richard for being Love with skin on…both for my dear mother-in-law as well as for the rest of our family. 


We are praying for you.



Richard and Wanda with my daughter Hannah and family (July 2013).

Sves and gmother