Light and Low-life

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Light Switch On

As we lean in to hear what the Father and His Son are talking about, we know that we will hear Truth


When you and I started this prayer journey together, I told you about the five topics that the Lord brought to my attention on behalf of Truth. We talked about the first two in previous posts:


  1. Bind up the work of deceit
  2. Prepare hearts to receive Truth


Today, we begin digging into the third topic:


3. Open eyes to see Truth.


The evil one hates for anyone to see the Light of Christ (2 Corinthians 4:4). After all, Jesus is the very image of the invisible God (Hebrews 1:3) and satan has a real problem with that. Anyone who turns their focus upon Truth is effectually turning their eyes off of the selfish, deceitful ruler of this world. And as you can well imagine, satan has an issue with jealousy. 


As a master of deceit and father of all lies, the evil one exists to blind (John 8:44).


He absolutely despises anyone to see Truth clearly. 


All the more reason to turn on some Light, wouldn’t you say? When we pray that eyes are opened to Truth, we are welcoming the brilliant radiance of Christ to penetrate darkness


When Mark and I first married, we lived in a duplex in an older part of town. The house had originally been a single-family home, which had been divided by simply locking an adjoining door from both sides. 


The single guy next door was not a housekeeper and quite accustomed to leaving food and trash piled up day after day. Roaches loved the set-up; feeding on his side of the house and then coming over to ours for the night. 


One of my most distinct memories of that place was my terror of going to the bathroom in the night. (I hate roaches and dread the thought of one of them running across my foot in the dark.)  I resorted to sleeping with slippers, a can of bug spray, and one of Mark’s shoes next to the bed. Before making my nightly journey to the toilet, I would arm myself well and turn on the light to give them plenty of chance to scatter. 


As you can well imagine, we didn’t stay in this duplex long. Looking back, I’m not sure if we moved because of my fear of roaches or because of Mark’s nightly awakening from the light.  Either way, I learned that roaches and lights don’t mix. 


Praying for someone’s eyes to be opened to Truth is like turning the light on a roach. The evil one hates his deeds spotlighted and exposing him with our prayers sends him scurrying, roach-like, back into the darkness (John 3:20).


“Father, teach me how to breathe “Light-giving” prayers. I want to join You in watching the evil one run. In the Name of the true Light, Amen.”