Let the Little Children

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By: Linda Merriott

Retired educator and administrator of 38 years, Lubbock, TX

How do we help our children develop good character and integrity? We have to be very intentional. If we are not, our children will be taught the character traits of the culture simply by default. One of the most important ways to develop character is to study God’s character.

You can start by teaching them that God is real! There are many ways to do that. Pray with your children, bringing your concerns and their concerns to God in prayer. The simple act of praying with your children as you tuck them into bed at night produces a great sense of security and helps children understand that God is real. Give God thanks before you eat together. 

Thank Him for your food and one another!

Teach them this truth statement: God is real! He exists and is the foundation of everything that is. Spend the week talking about it. There are some excellent devotion books for children. I recommend buying these:

  • You Can Count on God by Max Lucado
  • Indescribable by Louie Giglio
  • The Wonder of Creation by Louie Giglio
  • How Great Is Our God by Louie Giglio 

You can teach them the following Bible Verse, and as you say it daily, ask them to say it with you: Revelations 22:13  I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last: You can read the following devotions to your children this week and discuss them as you talk about the truth of who God is: 

  • Read pp. 8-9 from You Can Count on God
  • Read pp. 74-75 from How Great is our God
  • Read pp. 204-205 from You Can Count on God

Have some fun walking on a windy day and talking about how God is real but invisible to us. Some day, we will see Him face to face in heaven, but until then, we know He is with us and always there. He is like the wind, we cannot see the wind, but we can see what the wind does as leaves blow. Flying a kite can also illustrate this truth as they see the wind keep the kite afloat. God is constantly working to help us become who He desires us to be! God is always there for us! As you walk, ask them to point out things God made in nature. 

Looking at nature is one way we see His work. Make a list of things God made, or make a collection with rocks, leaves, flowers, bugs, etc. Talk about some of their favorite people and how God made them special. They can draw a picture of all their favorite people. You can share your gratitude for God making them your children and talk about how God made each one special with their own special gifts.

Together read Psalm 139:1-16 from a translation like the Message or a children’s Bible. Discuss how God made them and that God is always with them. 

Even when they are in bed at night, He is there! You can also lay out in the backyard at night, look at the stars, and talk about God making them. Find ways to point out what God has made together with joy! Enjoy your time with them and make it meaningful as you help them see that God is very real!