Is it Real?

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When my daughter and grandson were preparing to fly home from their visit with me, I gave Hilary a little plastic hand-held fan to entertain Judah on the airplane. 


Giving an eighteen-month-old a fan may seem strange, but this was a special one. The little blades were the floppy, plastic kind that your hand could stop without consequence and, with supervision, there was no way that Judah could hurt himself.  


Not only did the fan have an “on-off” switch that amused Judah, the little gismo also lit up while it spun. With each revolution of its blades, colorful lights flashed red, green and blue, in ever-changing patterns. Someone even said it reminded them of their psychedelic, high-school experience (smile). 




Now, let me ask you a question. Before I told you about the fan, was it real? 


Of course. 


Just because you didn’t know about it yet, didn’t mean that it wasn’t real….


It just wasn’t real to you. 


But, now that you have seen the picture, you are better able to visualize it, right? Just think how real it would be if I could come to you personally and let you play with it yourself. (Wouldn’t that be fun?)


The spiritual dimension is full of amazing wonders that lie unrevealed to man. Some are realities that the Father earnestly desires us to know, but that we have yet to diligently seek. 


It doesn’t mean that these are not real. It just means that they are not real….to you and I


We begin a new blog series today on the exercise of our spiritual senses. Together, we will be exploring amazing spiritual depths, which so far, may have been unknown. 


“Father, grant us the insight to experience the heavenlies using every spiritual sense that You have given us. Teach us how to exercise them, so that we won’t miss a thing that You offer. We await Your direction expectantly and eagerly. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.”