Interview with Thad

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A few weeks ago, Thad posted an interview on his blog ThadsThoughts. Here is our online interview.

You have just had your first book published.  Tell us the title and the publisher.

The book is called “Hungry For More: Feasting through the Word” produced by Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson. It’s a compilation of lessonslearned about living in the Spirit during our twenty years in Asia.

What is the back story behind the content?

I’ve always desired a mentor. Although I have had women in my life who mentored me in specific areas, I never had a woman nearby who served as an ongoing mentor. For years, I asked God for someone to come into that gap. In time, I realized that the writings of 19th Century missionary Andrew Murray were actually filling that need.I realized that the written word was a powerful mentoring option.  I began to send notes on my own time alone with God to several young women scattered around the globe who also desired a mentor. It was in these letters that “Hungry For More” was born. I wanted the lessons that He had taught me to speak to others who also wanted more.

Can you describe the process of getting the book written?  How long did it take?

Although it actually took about a year to finally put it together, the process of learning the lessons took much longer. I can liken the process to my friend, who paints portraits. When asked how long one of his portraits takes to complete he smiles and replies, “About twenty years”. It’s the same way with this book. The truths took much longer to form in my heart than they did to spill onto paper. 

What was the process for getting your book published?  I know that many writers struggle to break in with a publishing company.  What was your experience like?

After completing the manuscript, I spent almost another year looking at publishers and struggling with how to do a book proposal. It seems that this process proved much harder than simply writing what I had heard from the Father.One of my friends, Darla Ferree Hightower, has been working as editor in the Christian publishing industry for over 11 years. As we reconnected, she proved invaluable to help me move through the process. With her insights into the traditional publishing market, she highly suggested that I do this on my own and self-publish. From the point of submission, I was then able to complete the process in about four months.Of course, it helped a lot that our older daughter, Hannah, is an amazing graphic artist. She designed both the layout for the cover as well as the website. It’s pretty great to have one of the former Kirkland Home Interior’s artists on your personal team.

What has been the response so far?

Astonishing. Within the first two weeks of publication, Hungry For More: Feasting through the Word became the #1 bestseller on the Westbow Press new release catagory. It’s also #25 overall in their online bookstore to date. I’ve had comments like “thought-provoking”, “up close and personal, all at the same time”, and “I can’t put it down!” I have to tell you, Thad, that I am pretty blown away by the response. 

If you could do one thing different about this book, what would it be?

I would have pressed forward a little sooner.  I feared that my style wouldn’t be interesting enough or valued widely enough. We need to always go with what we know we’ve heard. In this case, it was “put it in print and get it out”. 

Are there other books percolating in your mind?

Absolutely. “Hungry for More: At the Table in Prayer” is already well on its way. My husband, Mark, and I are finishing up a workbook on marital relationships. I would also love to do one called “Hungry for More: Laughter”. We’ve had lots of hilarious experiences throughout the years.In the meantime, I’ve opened my journal up to online readers. You can find it at I’m also exploring ways to share life on life in other ways as well. For instance, the site has a recipe section and connections section. The latter addresses options for me to get face to face with myaudience.I’m using social media including get the word out, as well as Twitter and LinkedIn. I appreicate your help too by featuring me here on Thad’s Thoughts.
Hungry for More: Feasting Through the Word is available at