Inside Out

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Ever noticed how God seems more interested with our inside than our outside?


I suppose that since He Himself is Spirit, and our own rebirth results in a spiritual man – it would make sense that His dealings with us are first spiritual ones.


Think about the paralytic that was lowered down the roof to Jesus. The man:


  • lay stiff on his mat – 
  • unable to move any of his limbs – 
  • his eyes darting from Jesus’ face to those of his friends…..


Anyone around would notice that something is definitely wrong with this guy. Just looking at him is kinda made them uncomfortable.


(Was this a good idea to get him out?)


But, this isn’t what Jesus saw.


And behold, they were bringing to Him a paralytic, lying on a bed; and Jesus seeing their faith said to the paralytic…” Matthew 9:2


Faith is what caught Jesus’ attention.

The Apostle John also emphasized the inner man over the outer. 


I pray that in all aspects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.” 3 John 2

It’s kinda like John says: “Get your emotions and your thought life in order first. When those are settled on Truth, then we can pray and watch health flow from the inner man outward. From the spiritual into your physical.”


Is this the way we really work?


Think about your last prayer meeting.


Weren’t most of the audible prayer requests about Aunt Astor’s knee replacement or Neighbor Ned’s migraines? 


What if our first request was for their inner man to be restored… that the eyes of their heart would be enlightened to know Truth… that they would know the love of Christ which surpasses all knowledge


Wouldn’t this be more in line with the heart of God?


I can’t help but think that this is the type of prayer that is first and foremost on the Lips of our Great Intercessor. This is what Jesus urges to discuss with the Father, as He leans into Him on our behalf. 


I’m not saying that we can’t or shouldn’t pray for healing. Let’s just order our prayers with God’s priority – starting first with the needs of the inner man.


And when the inner man prospers, we can then pray expectantly to see miraculous restoration of our outward situations as well. 


So, what will you pray today?