Ingredients for a Spiritual Reaction

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“Let’s make a volcano!”


The girls were restless and I decided to try out this homemade activity, certain to explode our afternoon boredom. 


I pilfered through the recycling to secure an empty plastic bottle, spacked a little paper mache on it, and loaded the girls up with supplies: a funnel, orange food coloring, white vinegar and baking soda.


Placing the funnel on the neck of the bottle, we sifted the soda inside. A trusty chopstick helped to ease it through the small opening and we managed to get about four tablespoons inside. Then, we stirred some orange food coloring into about a cup of vinegar, making it as “lava-like” as possible. 


One girl held (and quickly removed!) the funnel, while the other poured in the vinegar. 


Oh, what a delightful mess. The chemical reaction between the vinegar and bicarbonate pushed the contents out the top of the bottle and over into our driveway. We used up most of the soda and all of the available vinegar, exploding our volcano over and over that afternoon.


Faith and Truth are kinda like vinegar and baking soda. Each has its use apart from one another, but put them together and the reaction is spontaneous


For some reason, not all people have a deposit of faith in their hearts (2 Thessalonians 3:2). This is all the more reason to be asking the Father to bind up deceit, prepare their hearts, open their spiritual eyes and send someone to them to speak Truth. Each of these steps is very necessary for their salvation, but is kinda like the prep work we did for making our volcano. 


What would have happened if I had taken the girls out into the yard, filled the bottle with baking soda, mixed the food coloring into the vinegar and then decided it was time to clean up and go back inside? (Come to think of it, it might not have been chemical, but there would have definitely been a reaction!)


It’s the same in a life without faith. They may have been somewhat protected from deceit and even have had lots of experiences with Truth, yet if faith isn’t activated, there is no spiritual reaction. 


Who do you know that needs a final dosing of belief? 


Will you pray for them today – that the Father will grant them a perfect measure of faith (Romans 12:3)? 


Let me know who you are interceding for so that I can join you.