In the Secret

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Join me today as we do a Truth Meditation on one of the “secret” verses. 


I’ll provide insights to the original Greek below. You meditate on them and then write the truth that the Father reveals.



“But you, when you pray…” 


Pray – Greek verb proseuchomai“to offer prayers”; subjunctive mood meaning the action may or may not occur, depending upon circumstances.



“go into your inner room…”


Go – Greek verb eiserchomai– “to enter”; aorist tense meaning without regard for past, present or future -not time defined; imperative mood meaning expressing a command – i.e. “you must enter or go into.”


Inner Room – Greek noun tameion – “a chamber; especially an inner chamber; a secret room.”



“and when you have shut your door, 

pray to your Father who is in secret…” 


Secret – Greek adjective kryptos“hidden, concealed, secret; the inner part”; from a root word meaning to hide one’s self.



“and your Father who sees in secret…”


Sees – Greek verb blepo – “to see, discern; also metaphorically – to see with the mind’s eye, to perceive, to observe, to weigh carefully, to examine, to perceive by the senses, to feel;” participle mood which is suffixed here with “ing” making it almost like a noun form – i.e. Perceiving, observing, weighing carefully, and so on.


Secret – Greek adjective kryptos“hidden, concealed, secret; the inner part”; from a root word meaning to hide one’s self.



“will repay you.” (Matthew 6:6)


Repay – Greek verb apodidomi – “to reciprocate, recompense, to reward for effort or even make amends for any loss or harm endured;” future tense that has not yet occurred; indicative mood meaning it will certainly happen.


Openly – Greek adjective phaneros – “to be plainly recognized or known; in public; become evident; also used in Mark 4:22; Luke 8:17. For some reason, many versions (Living, NIV, NASB) don’t include this word.



Okay take some time for mediation. I’ll do the same.





Holy Father, 

You indeed are a God who hides Himself (Isaiah 45:15)!  But despite this, You make Yourself available to us in the quietness of the inner chamber (Matthew 6:6). 


I’m embarrassed to admit how seldom I go there to truly wait to You, even though I know that this is the only place in which You can be found. I have a quiet time, sure. But all too often it is in form and not in stillness of soul. 


You hide Yourself…maybe the reason that You seem so hard to find is that I don’t want to go where You will be: within my innermost being in memories that I’m desperately trying to hide. But as I stand, exposed to Your Light (Ephesians 5:13), I find both the memories as well as the sins washed white as snow by Your brilliance (Isaiah 1:18). When I am fixed on You, my only Hope, I am purified. Suddenly, I can see myself through Your eyes – pure, just like You (1 John 3:3).


So, I stand before Your Light, asking that Your Truth purify me (John 3:21).  I want my next memories to be of You and not of my faults. 


As I stand here basking in Your Light, I realize that You still have more to give. You will most assuredly reward me for all of this – and that not just in secret – but so that all can see. Oh, the depth of Your rich wisdom and knowledge! How unsearchable Your judgements and unfathomable Your ways (Romans 11:33).


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