In the Dark

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“A gentleman was asked by an artist friend of some note to come to his home, and see a painting just finished. He went at the time appointed, was shown by the attendant into a room which was quite dark, and left there. He was much surprised, but quietly waited developments. After perhaps fifteen minutes his friend came into the room with a cordial greeting, and took him up to the studio to see the painting, which was greatly admired. Before he left the artist said laughingly, ‘I suppose you thought it queer to be left in that dark room so long.’ ‘Yes,’ the visitor said. ‘I did.’ ‘Well,’ his friend replied, ‘I knew that if you came into my studio with the glare of the street in your eyes you could not appreciate the fine colouring of the picture. So I left you in the dark room till the glare had worn out of your eyes.’” – S. D. Gordon

Do you feel that you are in that dark place? Waiting quietly or nervously or impatiently, for who knows what? Do you wonder how much longer must you must wait? Whether the wait will be worth the darkness? Whether it will be worth the silence?

Dear friend, the Brilliant Artist of all creation has tucked you into the dark cleft of the rock for a purpose. He has purposely drawn you into the shadows to emphasize a coming splendor. Wait patiently in the darkness until your eyes adjust away from the glare around you. Then you will be ready to view the masterpiece.  

I’m praying for you.

Photo by Charles ???????? on Unsplash