In Honor of My Mother

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2001 w martha

Over the years, our viewpoint of our moms change. The cool mom that we have as a preschooler morphs into the world’s most annoying woman during our teenage years. Then sometime into our adulthood, we wake up and realize just how amazingly wise and irreplaceable our mother really is. 


My mom is gone now, but I learned so much from her. The joy of laughter. The importance of silence. The significance of faith. 


As you remember your mom today, reminisce with me about mine. She was a great lady.


After all, 


Mother taught me about grace


Mother enlightened me about faith


Mother modeled the necessity of prayer


Mother instilled a love for the Word


Mother encouraged me to write


Mother showed me how to deal with mice


Like I said, Mother was just one great lady.



My mother, Jewell Burrow circa 1928.