In His Presence

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Holy Father, 

Thank You for choosing me. It’s amazing to think that I am not only chosen for eternal life, but actually chosen to obey (1 Peter 1:2). 


Yet, I know myself. 


Left as I am, I have no capacity for spiritual growth. I am selfish and want things to center around me.


Thank You that in Your death, You gathered up all of my ugliness and took it to the grave with You. In a very unfair trade (at least on Your part), You infused me with Your life, so that I don’t have to continue on the disintegrating path I was on. 


To top it off, since You have allowed Your same life to flow through me, You also opened the treasures of heaven to be mine as well (1 Peter 1:3-4). Wow.


I have to admit that sometimes I don’t think I am actually going to make it to the end day. Some of the days before me seem awfully long and tedious. Yet, You have promised that I’m protected for the final reality (1 Peter 1:5). I’m claiming onto that promise and not going to let You forget it (as if you could :).


So, as I walk through today’s pressings and meltings, I remember the true value that You are refining within me. You work each and every situation into an event that will purify my faith into a vessel, useful in Your Hands (1 Peter 1:6-7). I do so want that.


I love You (1 Peter 1:8).